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Folding Bookshelf Door Systems
For All Residential & Commercial Door Applications

"The Highest Quality Folding Bookshelf Door System Available"

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Folding Shelf Doors - Folding Bookshelf Door System
 A New Exciting Product And Concept !
 A Folding Bookcase That Functions As A Door !
  A bi-fold door system and a bookcase. When closed, you have a functional hardwood bookcase or display shelving that appears to be a solid bookcase. Slide it open on its concealed tracks, and you then have access to the opening and area behind it. The folding bookcase covers and effectively conceals the doorway or opening. It can easily be used to create some extra space by giving you a wall storage area in a space that could previously be used only as a door.

Like a bi-fold door, two or more units are hinged in the middle and operate on heavy duty tracks and smooth gliding roller assemblies. The bookcase extends out from the wall and the track is self-contained within an overhead valance that resembles the crown molding on the top of a bookcase. This system utilizes very close tolerances between the shelf sections and the overhead casing that attractively conceals the hinges and rollers. The bookcase is constructed of select hardwoods with adjustable shelves that have a total capacity of more than 500 pounds of books or display items.

The mechanical components are designed in such a way that opening the bookcase will not disturb the books or objects and can still be easily opened and closed by a child. Our uniquely crafted shelf system door is available in a variety of hardwoods and finishes. This is a perfect addition to any bedroom, guest room, den, family room, kitchen, or home office.

The Possibilities Are Endless
•  Separate Areas
•  Bedroom Closets
•  Storage Areas
•  Utility Rooms
•  Hidden Vaults
•  Wine Cellars
•  Linen Closets
•  Entertainment Centers
•  Kitchen Pantries
•  Displays
•  Game Rooms
•  Wall Safes
•  Office Closets
•  Safe Rooms
•  Secret Passages
•  Bedroom To Office Conversions
•  Hidden Rooms

  Simple and functional they are available in several heights and widths that are slightly larger than most standard openings to allow the opening to be easily hidden. Ready to assemble and easily installed anywhere. Our unique system features a heavy-duty track with a base and smooth gliding rollers designed to assure a quality, long-lasting product.

•  Sturdy Construction
•  3/8" Thick Back
•  Easy Top Pin Installation
•  Easy Bottom Pin Locator
•  Reversible Left To Right
•  Engineered Steel Wall Bracket
•  Deep Top Pin Guide
•  Patent Pending System

  Please Call Us For Orders & More Information


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Folding Bookshelf Doors
Folding Bookshelf Door

Folding Shelf Door

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