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Garage Door Lubricants
For All Residential & Commercial Applications

! The Most Popular Door & Operator Lubricants !
Specifically Developed For All Of Your Garage Door Mechanical Needs
Quiets Noisy Doors And Operators
Lower Your Maintenance Costs With the Use Of These Products

Multi-Purpose Spray Lube
Lubriplate Low Temp Grease
Lubriplate Aero Lithium Based Grease

Guaranteed Lowest Pricing Available Online
Multi-Purpose Spray Lube
 • L6950 Methylene Free Lubricant.
 • Multi-Lube sprays on like a liquid foam.
 • Sets up in minutes to a tough, protective grease.
 • Protects against rust and corrosion.
 • Use on track, rollers, cables, pulleys, hinges and other moving parts.
 • Spray on quickly and easily in just minutes.

Multi-Purpose Spray Lube
13.5 oz. Spray Can
Part# L6950-13
Shipping weight 1lbs
Price  $12.99
Lubriplate Low Temp Grease
 • Quiets noisy doors and operators.
 • Heavy duty, low temperature Lubriplate.
 • A multi-purpose, extreme pressure, water repellent grease for general lubrication.
 • Many applications other than the applications suggested.
 • Ideal in cold climates-workable down to -60 degrees F.
 • Pumpability at -60°F to an ASTM Dropping Point of 280°F.
 • Workable range from -60°F to 250°F.
 • LUBRIPLATE Low Temp is an anhydrous calcium, NLGI 1-1/2 grade lubricant.

Low Temperature Grease
10 oz Tube
Part# LP-LT-10
Shipping weight 1lbs
Price  $10.99
Lubriplate Aero Lithium Based Grease
 • Suggested for all screw drive and chain drive operators.
 • Meets manufacturers specifications for screw driver operators.
 • Recommended by "The Genie Company", garage door openers.
 • Used for garage and door opening mechanisms, gear cases,
    O-Rings, seal lubrication, and many other applications.
 • Aero is a neutral lithium base lubricant.
 • Manufactured with a light viscosity mineral oil that remains plastic down to -70°F.
 • ASTM Dropping Point of over 350°F and is an NLGI No. 1 consistency.

Aero Lithium Based Grease
1.75 oz. Tube
Part# LP-AERO-175
Shipping weight 1lbs
Price  $5.99

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