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Insulation Products
For All Residential & Commercial Garage Doors

"The Highest Quality Insulation Products & Support Available"

Efficient Thermal Solutions To Make Your Lives More Safe & Comfortable
We Ship Them Where & When You Want Them

Residential Garage Doors Insulation Kit
Residential Garage Doors Insulation Kit Parts & Accessories
Commercial Garage Doors Insulation Kit
Commercial Garage Doors Insulation Kit Parts & Accessories

Garage Door Insulation Kit Installation Video

Guaranteed Lowest Pricing Available Online

Garage Door Insulation & Garage Door Insulation Kits

 Do-It-Yourself Cost & Energy Saving Insulation Kit
 The Only Garage Door Insulation With An R-9 Rating !
 Get Greater Insulating Power For Superior Thermal Performance !

Our garage door insulation kit will reduce winter and summer energy bills and is 100% recycled. It's easy, fast and affordable to make your garage more comfortable.

No glues or fasteners are needed to install this insulation kit.
Please review the insulation installation video. It demonstrates how few tools are necessary and shows how the unique friction fit feature makes the installation process surprisingly fast and easy.

An energy saving do-it-yourself solution for garage door insulation needs.

One big difference between this product and similar kits on the market is the unique friction fit property of the fiberglass insulation and does not require special tape or clips. You can install this product in minutes. The friction fit property is a result of the density of the insulation with a rigid re-enforced mesh Metallized Polypropylene facer. Not only does the density make this product easy to handle, it contributes to our insulation's superior thermal performance, giving this Garage Door Insulation Kit an R-value of 9.

This is the only Garage Door Insulation kit available with an R-9 rating.
Has no phenol or formaldehyde and is made of recycled fiberglass fibers. It is also UL® certified and GREENGUARD® certified as low emitting for indoor air quality. GREENGUARD® rated insulation solutions are also Children & SchoolsSM certified which consists of stricter criteria. These certifications are important to ensure you get a regulated product that meets strict guidelines.

Follow the easy to install installation video below and start to enjoy your insulated garage today!

This retrofit kit is intended to help lower heating and cooling costs, reduce outside noise and brighten the garage door. Insulating your garage door will keep your garage and any adjacent rooms warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and reduce street noise. It also qualifies for a federal energy tax credit and can increase the value of your property. For many people the garage is the space in the house for hobbies, home improvement projects and car maintenance. Many times these spaces are drafty and cold, since many garage doors offer little more than a thin sheet of metal between you and the elements, which makes year-round usage uncomfortable.

A kit that was designed to improve the comfort of your work zone. This easy, fast and affordable kit is designed to offer up to 5 times the thermal performance and up to a 20 percent reduction in outside noise. The flexible specialized glass fiber insulation material resists denting, brightens the space, cleanable Metallized Polypropylene surface and installs in less than 1 hour on garage doors up to 9 feet wide.

Our Fiberglass product is also Fire Rated and is Flame Retardant. Both the Metallized Polypropylene Facing and the Fiberglass carry a Flame and Smoke Spread Rating of 25/50 respectively when tested in accordance with ASTM E 84 or the Underwriters Laboratories flame spread test method. Fiberglass will not flame up and if the conditions become very hot it will only smolder.

Our product is different than your average fiberglass insulation. It is much safer and far more comfortable to install. The insulation itself contains longer strand fibers that are "non-respirable" with only a minimal (minute) amount of dust associated with the installation process. The long strands are also much less likely to cause irritating itching that is normally associated with rotary spun fiberglass. These factors address one of the biggest concerns with the application and use of fiberglass products.

 •  Insulation Kit Includes
The most common or standard size garage doors insulation kit includes one roll (36' 6" wide x 21" high x 2" thick) of R-9 insulation and six aesthetic trim strips (20-3/8" length). Trim strips have been referred to as "plastic retainer clips" but are not required for installation of this product. Commercial insulation kits include one roll (61' wide x 24" high x 2" thick) and the commercial aesthetic trim strips (23-3/8" length) will need to be purchased separately.
 •  Insulation Characteristics
The rolls of insulation have an R-9 rating. They are phenol and formaldehyde free with a white scrim reinforced metallized polypropylene facing.
 •  Easy to Install
Fully insulates the entire garage door cavity and no special fasteners are needed or special tools required.
 •  Safe for Children & Pets
Our insulation is indoor air quality certified non-combustible, UL FHC 25/50. It features an exclusive strong heavy-duty resilient facing to avoid tearing.
 •  Green Product
Manufactured with 85% recycled-content. Superior thermal performance with a guaranteed R-9 value rating.
 •  Improves Comfort
Designed to brighten the space, reduces outside noise and will not mold or corrode. Makes your garage far more comfortable for year-round usage
 •  Do-It-Yourself
Easy installation of our retrofit kit and accessories. Please click here to see more product information and installation video.
 •  Call Us To Discuss Your Application
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-855-568-8586.
(Please Click Here For Larger Size Installation Video)
Our Standard Kit Includes:
(1) Roll R-9 Insulation, 36' 6"wide x 21"high x 2"thick
(6) Aesthetic Trim Clips
Garage Door Example
One Kit Provides Materials
For A (4) Section Door
Up To 9' Wide x 7' High
Double Garage Door Example
Two Kits Provide Materials For A (4) Section Door
Up To 18' Wide x 7' High
Installation Of Standard Insulation Kit Exceptions
For Less Common And Commercial Applications

Our Garage Door Insulation Kits are designed to be utilized on standard (most common) size residential or commercial metal doors that have extruded frame edges or panelized cavities. These kits are not designed to fit flush horizontal sectioned (factory insulated) metal, fiberglass or wood doors.

If your door has more than (8) cavities per section than order an extra package of (6) trim strips.

Occasionally residential garage doors, and typically commercial doors have sections larger than 21" high. You will need to purchase the commercial garage door insulation (24" width) if this is the case.

If your door is (5) or more sections high you will need to order and extra 10' roll of insulation and an extra package of (6) trim strips. The 10' rolls are available in two widths, 21" wide and 24" wide.

If you have an questions or concerns contact
one of our garage door specialists at 1-855-568-8586.

Residential Garage Door Insulation Kit
1-Roll Insulation 21" x 36' 6", 6-Trim Strips
Complete Insulation Kit - Residential Garage Door
Part# GDIK-21-36-1
Shipping weight 17lbs
Price  $179.99

Residential Insulation Roll 21" x 10'
1-Roll Insulation 21" x 10'
Insulation Only (Optional)
Part# GDIK-21-120-1
Shipping weight 5lbs
Price  $59.99

Residential Aesthetic Trim Strip Clips 20-3/8"
Package Of 6-Trim Strips, 20-3/8" Length
Aesthetic Trim Strip Clips (Optional)
Part# GDTS-20-1
Shipping weight 2lbs
Price  $9.99

Commercial Garage Door Insulation Roll Kit
1-Roll Insulation 24" x 61'
Trim Strips Are Not Included In This Kit
23-3/8" Commercial Trim Strips Sold Separately
Amount Of Commercial Trim Strips Varies
Part# GDIR-24-732-1
Shipping weight 34lbs
Price  $199.99

Commercial Insulation Roll 24" x 10'
1-Roll Insulation 24" x 10'
Insulation Only (Optional)
Part# GDIR-24-120-1
Shipping weight 6lbs
Price  $61.99

Commercial Aesthetic Trim Strip Clips 23-3/8"
Package Of 6-Trim Strips, 23-3/8" Length
Commercial Aesthetic Trim Strip Clips
Part# GDTS-23-1
Shipping weight 2lbs
Price  $11.99

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Insulation Kit Video
Installing Grage Door Insulation Kit
Insulation For All Garage Doors

Installation as Easy As...
Garge Door Insulation Step One To Install
Step-1 Measure
Measure the length and width of the garage door panel openings.
Garge Door Insulation Step One To Install
Step-2 Cut
Using a utility knife cut the insulation to the dimensions to fill the panel cavity.
Garge Door Insulation Step One To Install
Step-3 Install
It is as easy as it looks. Simply tuck the insulation you measured into the frame grooves surrounding each panel.
Garge Door Insulation Step One To Install
Step-4 Enjoy !
Not only does your garage door look great but you will save money, energy and outdoor noise will be reduced !

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