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Garage Door Remote Control Radio Frequency Interference

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Radio frequency condition that currently affects specific locations in this country

Our intent is to inform you of a radio frequency problem that is currently affecting two specific locations of the country, as well as give you information regarding our suggested resolution so that you can resolve this problem, in the event that your garage door opener is affected.

A new Land Mobile Radio (LMR) communication system, operating on 380 MHz to 400MHz, is causing interference with garage door openers, resulting in poor transmitter range around Eglin Air Force Base in Florida and a Navy Depot in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, where systems are currently being tested and used.

The system is multifrequency, meaning it can randomly "hop" to any available frequency within the 380 to 400 bandwidth. The system uses handheld radios communicating with local repeaters and it is our understanding that it will be implemented across the nation, with a recommended final rollout of January 2008.

It has been suggested to the government that as many as 56 million garage door openers, currently transmitting and receiving on 390 MHz, could be impacted by the LMR system. The interference impacts most of the openers installed in the U.S., including residential, commercial and gate operator products. Your proximity to a military base or a repeater tower may dictate the potential level of interference and customer impact.

Meetings between DASMA (Door & Access Systems Manufactures Association) the FCC (Federal Communication Commission), NTIA ( National Telecommunications and Information Administration) and the Government took place in August. Additional meetings were held in September and October and will continue through year end. We are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to keep you updated on a timely basis.

It would appear that the LMR system has recently been modified in Florida and Pennsylvania to minimize interference with garage door openers. If the system continues to operate as it is now, interference should be minimal, if noticeable at all.
If you are experiencing any problems related to the new system give us a call at
We have many solutions available.



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