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Garage Door Opener Remote Control Transmitters
For All Residential & Commercial Applications

"Operate Your Garage Door Opener From Greater Distances"

Providing Quality Opener Remote Control Products Online
Shipping Them When And Where You Want Them

Stanley Remote Controls
   1050 Remote Control

Genie Remote Controls
   GIT-1 Remote Control
   GIT-912 Remote Control

Allstar Remote Controls
   Allstar Classic Remote Control
Guaranteed Lowest Pricing Available Online
Stanley Remote Control Transmitters
 •  Compatible with all Stanleys from 1982-1997 and transmitter model numbers 1016, 1018, 1027, 1037, 1038, 1040, 1044, 1047, 1049, 1050, 1076, 1079, 1100, 24911, 51-4271, 51-4272, 51-4273, 51-4369, 51-4726.
 •  Also compatible with Lightmaker models and the old wire coding system with 5 pairs of wires, "ALL IN ONE".
 • 10 Dip Switches Code Set
 • 310 Mhz frequency, the same as model 24911.
 • Works from up to 300 Ft.
 • The items included below are the most popular but not the entire product line.
 • Original Stanley part.
Stanley 1050 Single-Button Remote Control
Single-Function Remote Control
Visor Clip Included
NOT Compatible With Stanley "SecureCode" Systems
10 Dip Switches Code Set
9V Battery And One Year Warranty Included
Part# S1050-01
Shipping weight .25 lbs
Price  $19.99

Genie Intellicode Access Security Remote Controls
 •  All Genie garage door openers manufactured since 1996 are equipped with Intellicode Access Security.
 •  Intellicode or Code-Dodger prevents unauthorized access to your garage because the opener does not respond to the same Access Code more than once.
 •  Each time the system is activated, it automatically selects a new Access Code from 4.3 billion combinations.
 •  Prevents thieves from entering the garage by eliminating Access Code duplication.
 • Eliminates the need to set Security Codes when installed.
 •  Recognizes Security Codes from up to seven transmitters used to activate the same opener.
Genie GIT-1 Single-Button Remote
Single-Function Remote Control
Same as GIT90-1, GIC-1, ACSCTG & ACSGT Type I
Visor Clip Included
390 Mhz Frequency
12 Volt Battery Included
Part# GIT-1-01
Shipping weight .25 lbs
Price  $23.99
Genie GT-912 Single-Button Remote Control
Single-Function Remote Control
Replaces:  AT85, AT85P, AT85-390, MAT85, AT90, ALT90, CT90, GT90, LD12, LDT90, MAT90, GPT90, PMT90, & RC10
9 or 12-Dip Switch Compatible
Visor Clip Included
390 Mhz Frequency
9 Volt Battery Included
Part# GT-912-01
Shipping weight .25 lbs
Price  $26.99
Allstar Quick-Code Classic Remote Control Transmitters
 •  Allstar's Classic Transmitter provides both improved performance and takes full advantage of the capabilities of the Quik-Code platform.
 •  A more compact transmitter at a reasonable price.
 •  No confusing dip switches. Easy coding using the three large buttons.
 •  Controls one, two or three doors or gates, allowing common or unique codes.
 •  Prevents thieves from entering the garage by eliminating Access Code duplication.
 • Designed to maximize RF power and range.
 •  It's compatible with both MVP Quik-Code receivers, traditional Allstar receivers and similarly formatted brands.
Allstar Classic Three-Button Remote Control
Multi-Function Remote Control
Will Replace Allstar, Allister, Heddolf and Pulsar
Replaces:  931, 9931, 921, 9921, 9931TK, 832, 8832, 8832TK, 822, 8822, 8822TK, 833, 8833, 8833OCS, 9931MT, & 9921MT
No Dip Switches to Set
Visor Clip Included
318 Mhz Frequency
9 Volt Battery Included
Part# AS-CL-318
Shipping weight .25 lbs
Price  $17.99


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Stanley 1050
Genie   GIT-1
Genie GT-912
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Remote Controllers

We inventory a wide selection of Garage Door Openers and the remote controllers. The most popular remote control transmitters are now included in this online store and we are currently adding more of these products regularly. If you do not see the remote you are looking for please
contact us with any questions you may have.

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